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Many buyers in the bordering states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota often drive over to pick out their own Irish Setter puppy from the litter. However, if you cannot pick up your Irish Setter puppy direcltly from our kennel, we will ship our puppies to you via air freight.  Your puppy will usually arrive within hours of shipping.  In order for our puppies to be shipped via air,  the puppy must first have a veterinarian's health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. This is required by the airlines.  It  is a  good idea anyway so that if any health problem exists, it can be caught before the dog is shipped.  We also must purchase a shipping kennel or crate for the puppy.  Depending on Irish Setters size this could be from  $35 for a small shipping kennel for a puppy and about $60 for a very large shipping kennel for a large mature Irish Setter.  You can sell the kennel after you receive you Irish Setter Puppy or you can keep it and use it to transport you puppy when you are traveling. 

We must make many arrangements before a dog can be shipped, including arrangements with the airlines and the veterinarian. Airlines also will only allow us to ship when the tempetures are under 85 degrees Farhreheit and not below 10 degrees Farhreheit on either the shipping or receiving end or on any stops in between. Complete information from the airlines on shipping dogs can be found here: Northwest Airlines - Cargo Unaccompanied Live Animal Shipping


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