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Our Irish Setter puppies are guaranteed to be free of congenital defects and disease at the time of sale. Also puppies are guaranteed to be free of PRA for the life of the dog.

Puppies are guaranteed to be free of any life threatening congenital defect until they reach one year of age. Buyers have 2 days from the date of receiving their puppy to have a licensed veterinarian examine the puppy. If any congenital defect is found we must be notified in writing immediately. A replacement puppy of equal or higher value will be made either at that time or when one becomes available upon the return of the defective puppy. Hip Dysplacia - Puppies or adult dogs are guaranteed until they are one (1) year of age not to become lame or unable to stand from hip dysplacia. We must be notified in writing immediately of the discovery of any congenital defect by a vet, via certified mail along with veterinarians report sent within 3 days of discovery. If Dysplacia is found during this time, a replacement puppy will be made upon the return of the defective puppy. The veterinarian's report, stating the defect, must be sent to us via certified mail, prior to returning the dog. Prior to shipping via air, we have a licensed veterinarian give our puppies a health check. This health check is required by the airlines, and the fee is paid for by the buyer. The Veterinarian's Health Certificate along with puppy's vaccination records are sent along with the puppy. Buyers may, at their own expense, have their dogs given further health tests from a licensed veterinarian, within 2 days of receiving their puppy. Sign and send two copies of our guarantee found here: Health Guarantee Contract