This agreement is between Traditional Irish Setters the seller and:

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The dog sold pursuant to the terms of this agreement as follows: It is agreed between Seller and Buyer as follows:

Dog Breed: Irish Setter

Sex:______Whelped:____________Sire: ______________ Dam:__________________ REG#:_________________________________
This contract applies to the original puppy or mature dog buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party. The puppy or dog is believed to be in good health to the best of the knowledge of the seller at the time of sale.
OUR GUARANTEE Our dogs are guaranteed to be free of life threatening congenital defects of the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs until the dog reaches one (1) year of age. Our puppies are guaranteed to be free of PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) for the life of the dog. Our dogs are guaranteed to be free from symptoms of hip dysplacia (not to become lame, or unable to stand, or falling down,) until they are one (1) year of age. We must be notified in writing within 24 hours sent via certified mail of the discovery of life threatening congenital defects by a licensed veterinarian, the notification must contain the veterinarian's report.
The following representation and conditions apply to the aforementioned puppy or mature dog: Prior to shipping via air freight, dogs are give a veterinarian's health examination and a health certificate is issued by the inspecting veterinarian. This certificate is sent along with the dog. If the buyer so wishes they may have their dog re-examined by a veterinarian of their choice. The buyer shall have 3 days after taking possession of the dog to have the dog inspected by a licensed veterinarian.
* If a puppy or dog is picked up directly by the buyer from the kennel, the buyer may have a licensed veterinarian perform a health check within 3 days of purchase. Seller guarantees that puppy or dog is free of congenital diseases, life threatening diseases at the time of sale.
If as a result of the examination, the veterinarian determines that the puppy or dog is not in good health because of congenital defects, then the Buyer shall have the following 2 options: (A) Either keep the puppy/dog or (B) Return the puppy/dog to the seller for a replacement at the sellers discretion. If the Buyer elects to (B) Return the dog for a replacement, the Buyer shall within 24 hours after discovery of any congenital defect following the vet's initial examination, send to the seller by certified mail, a written Veterinarians certificate stating that the puppy or mature dog was ill with a congenital defect when examined. Upon the receipt by Seller of said certificate, Buyer shall be obligated to return the puppy or dog along with the signed AKC application, the Seller will replace the dog at the Seller's discretion. Should buyer decide to: (A) Keep the dog, the buyer shall be solely responsible for any and all future veterinarian bills for puppy or mature dog and the buyer forfeits all claims and further performance under this contract shall be null and void.
If delivery is requested by Buyer, it shall be by air freight, paid by the buyer to a designated location. Payment for shipping is made directly to the airline when the buyer picks the dog up at the airport. Buyer is solely responsible for cost of crate, insurance during shipment, veterinarian's health certificate, costs of freight charges, any and all charges and documentation required for shipping inside and outside the continental United States.
Buyer's Responsibilities
Seller shall not be held responsible for acts of puppy or dog. The buyer is responsible for keeping the dog under control. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to socialize and train the dog.
Buyer agrees to maintain this puppy or mature dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including vaccinations and parasites control both internal and external and proper nutrition. The Buyer agrees to maintain preventative care of the dog in regards to hip dysplasia, such as proper nutrition, proper exercise, and preventing stress injuries by not over exercising the puppy in jumping feats, until the puppy is at least 18 months of age when joints are fully developed.
The Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as, or in part of, an agent in the purchase of this dog nor is associated with any rescue operation. The dog is sold as a pet, with a pet quality registration and the buyer agrees to the terms of the AKC limited (American Kennel Club) registration and that the dog will not be used in a breeding operation
Should the buyer not be able to keep the dog, the buyer agrees not to place the dog into any "rescue" operation. The buyer will instead find a home for the dog by placing classified ads etc. If the buyer cannot find a home, the buyer can return the dog directly to the kennel, by dropping it off with appointment. There will be no monetary reimbursement.
The buyer agrees that they understand this contract fully and will comply with this contract. The buyer understands that the seller has no control regarding the future habits, appearance or temperament of the dog and so does not warrant such.
On dogs that are shipped payment will be made with a cashiers check, US Postal money order, or by wire either Western Union or Walmart moneygram. Puppies that are picked up directly from the kennel or the same day, only cash payments will be accepted. Any check that is returned to us for any reason will incur a fee of $50. plus all legal fees.
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